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Where data meets music.

We use digital solutions to make sense of the vast amount of data music rights holders and their partners are faced with these days.

The challenge

Growing industry

Over the past decade, the music industry has seen an economic revival, most notably through the rise of digital streaming services, which now make up most of the music consumption worldwide.


Global recorded music revenue


Paid subscription accounts


Of revenue comes from streaming

The new reality

An ocean of data

The steady growth and digitalisation of the music business as a whole has produced an overwhelming and heterogeneous amount of data, which makes it increasingly difficult to understand how music is being used. Yet, it offers great chances.

Our commitment

What we strive for

We shed light on the matter with Data Science by aggregating, standardising and analysing data from different sources to provide meaningful insights - whether this relates to royalty statements, actual stream counts or auditing procedures.


More transparency

Data should be accessible and readable for better informed decisions.



The utilisation of rights should largely be determined by their owners.

Fair pay

Fair pay

Music is a valuable asset everyone along the value chain should participate in.

Our Services

01 - Data Services


With more than one trillion streams in 2019 in the US alone, music consumption has reached new heights. We want to provide an insight view into the actual music consumption in the digital domain.

Data services

Key DSPs

Automated collection of actual play counts from leading DSPs including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music

Digital footprint

High-frequent data capturing for near real-time insights beyond time-delayed settlements and long-term analysis


Visualisation of the dataset in a central Data Hub for competitive analysis and individual benchmarking against royalty statements

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02 - Settlement Services


Royalty statements are confusing and hard to read. We use technology to make them understandable and reviewable, contributing to more transparency overall.

Settlement services


Technology-supported evidence management for continuous settlement reviews and dedicated audits with legal validity

Controlling framework

Development of individual controlling frameworks based on unique contractual terms

Fast & more precise

Comprehensive, machine-based analysis for greater insights and potentially larger deviations

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03 - Consultancy Services


The industry is undergoing radical change. We help drive the digital transformation with dedicated research, AI-based trend analysis and individual projects.

Consultancy services

Project business

Profound analysis of individual questions based on deep industry knowledge and a well-founded data basis


Quantitative as well as qualitative market research with access to a test pool of 70k+ consumers and business leaders


Deep knowledge of the tech and music domain with a proven track record of successful business innovations

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The people behind Takkt

Takkt grew out of a technology firm specialised in high-tech innovation. Over the past 10 years, we have helped large corporates to embrace disruptive technologies and develop cutting-edge, digital products. Based on this activity, we have built up extensive know-how in the field of software engineering, machine learning, and data science.

With longstanding relationships in the music business, we have observed the increasing power and powerlessness of a changing industry first-hand. It is for that reason we decided to take up the challenge and bring light into the darkness.

Our team is made up of Data Scientists, Developers, Designers, Music Experts — and each of us plays an instrument.

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